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Google Turkey NGO Academy is run by IDEMA and serves as a consumer products training academy. The program aims to inform and educate our main partners, nongovernmental organizations through an academy program on primary cloud-based Google applications and services that they can use to increase efficiency.

IDEMA organized training programs for the Google STK Academy in 6 cities, Adana, Ankara, Bursa, Diyarbakır, İstanbul and İzmir. 165 NGOs from various areas have  participated in the programs.

The first day of the training consisted of information on Google products and their functions. In the second day, the participants found the opportunity to share their ideas to collaborate with Google specialists and employees.

Google Turkey NGO Academy run by IDEMA Consultancy has been chosen as a best practice within Google vendors. A similar practice will be implemented for Google South Korea and Google South Africa, and IDEMA will be training Google South Korea and Google South Africa vendors on Google Turkey NGO Academy.