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Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline (TANAP), with its path blanketing areas from Georgian border to Edirne to supply gas to European countries calls for a boost of economic development in the cities it flows through. IDEMA has analyzed the current human resources structure, identified the required skills and determined the available expertise and skills in each one of the 20 provinces.

Following the desk reviews, field research has been implemented and key informant interviews and roundtable discussions have been conducted with 119 representatives based on the reports prepared by internal and external experts of IDEMA. These representatives are from public stakeholders that can be listed as governorates, municipalities, prefectures, İŞKUR (Turkish Republic’s Public Employment Services), KOSGEB (Turkish Republic Small and Medium Business Development and Support Administration), Adult Education Directorship, academic rectors, directors of the chamber of commerces and local businesspeople associations. Finally, the main findings of desk review and field research, together with key recommendations for manpower development policies has been presented in a detailed situation analysis report.


Hazar Strategy Institute