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Detaylar (Needs Map) is an online platform to bring together on a local level those in need and the individuals or institutions who want to help. Individuals, private and non-private institutions can also receive support through the platform, and its network is open to all users from Turkey. The platform wants to cultivate ‘online collectivity’ by bringing social benefit and technology together and has been founded by Dr. Ali Ercan Özgür, Elif Kalan, Güler Altınsoy, Hazal Dut and famous, talented Turkis actor Mert Fırat.

www.ihtiyacharitası.org works via membership system, and members can use the platform to create ‘areas of need’ and ‘areas of support’ in order to match with with ‘needers’ or ‘supporters’. Also, members can provide support to non-profit organizations.

How does it work?
İhtiyaç Haritası team publishes the ‘needs’ and ‘supports’ after verifying them.The team also works to bridge those in need and those willing to support together.
During the process, both parties are kept informed. If both parties are willing to carry out the transaction, the team brings both parties together. The transportation costs of the support belong to the supporter. The ecosystem does not allow financial supports, supports should be of nonfinancial form.
Instagram: @ihtiyacharitasiofficial