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Web Rangers Project aims to increase internet literacy among children in order to raise a generation of internet users that cares about and applies digital citizenship rules.

The program, implemented by IDEMA with its strategic partnership with Istanbul Provincial National Education Directorate, Google Turkey and Internet Development Board, contains practical information on basic concepts related to Internet, techniques for efficient information access, the criterion for reliable web resources, digital citizenship rules, digital footprint, online reputation management, techniques for strong passwords, online traps and aims to raise awareness regarding the developments of safe and ethical behaviors when they are online.

The program is built around a well-structured, user-friendly online database used to provide individual teachers with suitable material to enhance their teaching process. Project content available is supported by Web Rangers Teacher’s Guide, presentations, informative videos, memos, visuals, student leaflets, posters, certificates, material for family education, information notes, and project suggestions.

Teachers can reach to all in-class activity instructions and all relative training material via www.kesfetprojesi.org. The project has been ongoing since 2013 in Istanbul and has reached to 245.000 students through 1.300 teachers. Web Rangers project continues to reach more students in and outside Istanbul.


Istanbul Provicial Directorate of National Education

     Google Turkey

  İnternet Improvement Board