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IDEMA has prepared ‘Social Compact Work Electricity Privatization in Southeastern Turkey’  report for World Bank in order to bring both parties of electricity service provision, namely users and provider, together to encourage a social dialogue process for the generation of a  common vision among local actors. The dialogue aims to faciliate actions to decrease the high rates of non-payment/loss of electricty and betterment of service quality. 

The key outcome of this social compact project is to establish sustainable community networks based on voluntary communities through which the social dialogue process will flourish. These “stakeholder committees” are relatively flexible mechanisms based on a volunteerism approach with a key commitment to community works of Dicle EDAŞ (DEDAŞ).

With this aim, various  tools and actions has been deployed. Focus group discussions with 1370 users have been performed in the area of service of DEDAŞ, Diyarbakır, Batman and Mardin, in order to execute consumer satisfaction surveys. Furthermore, consultation meetings with service provider and strategy meetings with both the service provider and the users has been organized in Ankara to designate solutions and activities to create awareness on illegal electricity usage and to find a common ground in the problem and the solution. A final report has been assembled consisting strategies for user perception, causes behind illegal electricity, solution recipes and supplier-user communication.


World Bank