January 17, 2016

Africa’s intelligent Water Rollers

Two African engineers have developed an easy and practical concept to carry a large volume of water: Hippo Water Rollers.

Developed first in 1994, Hippo Water Roller enables people to carry large amounts of water ergonomically.

Hippo Water Roller was invented to satisfy the clean water need of African citizens and prevent health problems caused by carrying heavy loads for long times. It is a container made from polyethylene with an iron handle.



The roller is capable of carrying 90 liters of water at one time. It has been estimated through the world, 140 million hours at total is spent every day by carrying water buckets with the traditional way: carrying water on the shoulders or the head. The traditional method also limits the volume of water carried at one time to 20 liters.

Hippo Water Roller is a sustainable solution that is used by rolling the cylinder on the ground and has increased efficiency in terms of ergonomy, practicality and amount of water carried. Also, Hippo Water Roller supports accessibility to clean water, food safety and efficient income management.
Used all around the world, Hippo Water Roller has become a social responsibility project, and it is possible to donate rollers to Africa.