January 17, 2016

Protect the environment with Green Office

WWF has developed Green Office to decrease the negative effects of humans on natural resources and minimize ecological footprint.

WWF Turkey is encouraging companies to join Green Office. By the help of this program, companies use resources as efficient as possible to decrease the pressure on the environment.

The program aims to create awareness on the environment by providing information on carbon emission, renewable resources, responsible use of natural resources, energy saving and promoting change in lifestyles.

With Green Office, workers make eco-friendly choices and support sustainable consumption as a company and as individuals.

To become a Green Office, companies sign a contract with WWF and fill in a Green Office Assessment Form to detect improvement areas. At the end of the procedure, a Green Office Diplom is acquired.

Some of the examples of participating companies are BNP Paribas, World Bank Turkey Ankara, Roche, Tchibo, Pepsico, and Vodafone.

You can contact yesilofis@wwf.org.tr for more information.